Types of Kitchen Knives – A Very Simple Guide

By Valentino Schumacher Platinum Quality Author

Still confused about the different types of kitchen knives? Whether you are a budding cook or a seasoned chef, knowing the different types of kitchen knives can do nothing but make you better in your chosen craft.

Without further ado, here are the most basic types explained in a simple and straightforward manner.

Chef’s knife

Forget about the others, you simply cannot cook without one of these. The chef’s knife is the most reminiscent of what a regular knife should look like. Large blade, curved edge, and pointed tip. That which looks the most “regular” should be the chef’s knife.

Paring knife

A pairing knife is short and stout. It is the smallest among the basic types. It is used for intricate work such as removing seeds and cutting small garnishes. It is basically an all-purpose knife-much like the chef’s knife-that is smaller.

Bread knife

Although the longest in the bunch, the bread knife is far from being the toughest. It has a very sleek and slender blade that has a serrated edge in a flat presentation. Despite its “killer” appearance, it was designed to slice the softest of things-bread. Try cutting bread with any other knife and I guarantee you’ll have a hard time.

Carving knife

The carving knife’s main point of reference is its spine (back of blade). The spine does not flow in a continuous fashion as it changes angles near the tip-to give a further balance point. It is very sharp and very thin blade which may sometimes be flexible.


The rectangular knife. Enough said. Of course it was made this way to provide maximum momentum and hence associated with “cleaving” meat and bone.


Article Source: Types of Kitchen Knives – A Very Simple Guide