Shun Knife Set: Are Shun Elite Kitchen Knives Really Worth It?

By Thomas Leroy Platinum Quality Author

Shun Elite Knives are an impressive line of kitchen knives. Expensive yes, but worth every penny.

These Japanese made knives are made with powdered steel, but all you need to know is that they hold their sharp edges better than traditional knives. The hammered pattern helps the blade easily pass through food and release even sticky foods. Shun knives handles are fashioned out of resin infused wood that keeps moisture and microbes from penetrating the handle and will satisfy the most germ phobic cooks.

Since these knives’ balance point is where your index finger rests, you will find these knives feel like a mere extension of your hand. A complete Shun knife set will run you between $800 and $1000, which might catch your breath a bit. Consider the following three reasons why you can afford these fantastic knives.

  1. How many knives are in your kitchen drawer? How often do you buy new ones to replace dinged or chipped ones? Most kitchens only need three knives: a chef knife for most cutting, a paring knife for smaller cutting and a bread knife. You can replace a drawer full of knives with just one set.
  2. Powdered steel is resistant to dings and chips, which means that Shun knives last a very long time. With the right care, these knives can last for decades. So before you balk over the price, consider how much you might spend on knives over a life time.
  3. Start small. Do not think that you need an entire set of knives to enjoy them. Purchase a chef knife to start, Santoku or Gyutoh, it will cover most of your cutting. Save the purchase of specialized knives like the Shun Ken Onion knife for after you fall in love with them!

Consider all the pros of Shun Knives and you will see they are worth the price!

Article Source: Shun Knife Set: Are Shun Elite Kitchen Knives Really Worth It?