Safety Tips When Using Kitchen Knives

By Daniel Hansen

Kitchen wares play very big role in cooking, not just in making the cooking process fast and easy but sometimes some meals really need good cookware to get it right and perfect.

All cookware in out kitchen should be properly maintained to keep it in good condition and ready to use, like knives for chopping, slicing, cutting, etc.

Knife is probably the most used tool in almost every kitchen, it should always be clean and sharp so you can always pull it out and use it in preparing your ingredients. But this cookware is not like ordinary cooking accessory that we can all teach our kids how to use it, this tool is dangerous and risky. Safety should be an everyday custom to our home, especially in our kitchen where we do a lot of slicing and cutting.

Keeping our cutting tools in the kitchen clean is one part of keeping our use of it safe. It should always be free from rust as we use it for slicing our food, sharp and have no loose rivets. If you see some rust slowly accumulating in one part of your knife that means there is a metal weakening in that spot. Rusty tools are unreliable because rust can weaken the metal, this means it would snap or break when you apply pressure on it, and if it breaks when you are using it injuries can be very ugly.

Loose rivets can also cause ugly accidents, when the handle separates from the blade during use, the blade can bounce from the chopping and slice your skin.

The way we sharp our knives usually depends on how we use it. The most common sharpener around is the diamond sharpener. To use this you have to hold the sharpener facing the ground and moving the blade of the knife at about forty-five angle degree downwards away from the body. It is very important to keep all your knives sharp, as there is a less chance of slipping when cutting a food.

Article Source: Safety Tips When Using Kitchen Knives